What A Movie (WAM) is a movie based mobile app that lets you access movie updates from Indian movies and artists of all languages (Telugu, Tamil, Hindi etc.), Be it movie news, songs, short films, trailers, celeb gossip, red-carpet events, or any other movie related gup-shup from your favorite movie industry, you will now never miss out on anything.



There are many websites and mobile apps that are related to Movie news, gossips and events. The challenge is to create a mobile app related to movies that could delight the users and make them experience and learn every update about movies, news, reviews, and events. Existing mobile app was having basic functionality about movie news, reviews and galleries. User engagement was very low and it was one among the important KPI’s.



I was onboarded for the project on a freelance basis. I handled this project end -to-end which includes User Research, Personas, Wireframes, User Flows, UI Design, Interaction Design and Usability Testing.



Before designing the application, I had a thorough conversation with several movie bloggers, fans, and regular movie audiences, as they can correctly describe their needs and problems. This research enlightened me to know about their problems which helped me to take the challenge to solve those problems. To solve those problems I have come up with the following features…

  • The app comprises of movie reviews, box office collections, trailers, audio releases and movies as its content.
  • It is enriched with celebrity photo galleries, their profiles, and trending topics regarding them.
  • Every Indian regional language is supported in the app.
  • Combined ratings of top bloggers and critics are displayed in the app.
  • Both users and critics get the opportunity to rate and review movies.
  • To engage visitors, I have designed the landing screen with most important news or events that are related to the actors that they follow so that they don’t miss them.

Problems that users are facing while taking buying decision.

Finding the most important updates about their favorite stars as they are dwelled with multiple notifications.
Users want to see multiple languages content as they do watch other language movies.
Users are complaining about critic reviews as they feel that they are biased these days.
Users want to see most important updates like Audio release functions, Trailers and Collections and also filmography.







Users will be greeted with the latest movies and events, along with the ratings sliding from left to right. To go to a particular event, one has only to swipe up.

A WAM score is calculated by extracting and amalgamating the ratings from the top movie websites which includes user’s and critic’s ratings.

Multi-language content access is facilitated in the app, as India is diversified with different regional languages.

A detailed study about a celebrity, along with filmography and year-wise accolades with wins and nominations. 





I tested the product at various stages of the project.

Lo-fi prototypes were tested with the stakeholders weekly to get feedback on the functionality, content, and interactivity of the product. I have tested the visual designs also at various stages. For some of the sessions I have used for the first time and it was very helpful.

landing screen

Users had issues navigating from the landing screen until they learned the UI. I have displayed the most relevant events/news that are related to the actors/actress that users are following in a full screen display without showing the tab bar and other access areas.

So I have redesigned those as cards instead of full screen displays with a “skip” button where users can easily swipe those populated cards and click only on the news that they are interested to read, else they can browse the app as usual like any other apps.

3 out of 5 users were confused with the first version and the latter was quite obvious for everyone.




Number of downloads increased from 8k to 50k in just 6months.

12% Increase in DAU

Daily Active Users (DAU) increased from 6% to 18%.